World Bank Consultation: Report on Recommended PPP Contractual Provisions

January 18, 2017

In the Summer of 2015, the World Bank (in consultation with other development partners) issued the ‘Report on Recommended PPP Contractual Provisions’ which offered a compilation of recommended language on selected provisions typically encountered in PPP contracts. The World Bank is currently working on an updated edition which is now open for public consultation accessible on the World Bank’s consultation page. The aim of this consultation is to capture inputs and recommendations by all relevant stakeholders to help inform the updated version which it hopes to publish in Spring 2017.

There are three areas that the updated version particularly seeks to address, namely:
– key considerations and alternative recommendations relevant to contracting authorities due to different levels of PPP transactional experience
– key considerations/alternative recommendations relevant to contracting authorities due to the characteristics of different legal systems (i.e. common law vs civil law), and
– guidance on specific matters relevant in the context of each of the selected contractual provisions to assist contracting authorities in carefully assessing the issues specific to their own PPP project and jurisdiction.

The World Bank invites IPFA members to visit the consultation page and provide input and feedback by Tuesday 28th February, 2017.

While the World Bank would welcome comments on the full document, it is also happy to just receive comments on certain provisions. Feedback can be provided either through the consultation page or via email to Christina Paul e: who is leading the work on this important initiative.

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