IPFA Global Operations 2018

November 28, 2017

Our global activities are delivered through regional branches in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, Continental Europe, the Nordic Regions, the Middle East, Russia & the CIS, Turkey, the UK and Ireland.

For 2018, we will be delivering over 120 events, webinars and Future Leaders Network (FLN) briefings across the world. In 2017 we have seen successful launches of two new IPFA branches in Japan and Spain. In 2018 we will continue to locate new regions for expansion where IPFA operations would be beneficial.

We are continuing to expand IPFA Training courses across several regions. IPFA Training courses provide a comprehensive understanding of project finance, negotiating techniques and ways to successfully implement project finance deals. The programmes have been tailored to suit each market and are delivered by experts with both local and international experience. Additionally, we can create and deliver bespoke and tailored in-house training courses that are designed to suit your organisation’s requirements.

We have included a full breakdown of branches below, including further details of upcoming pipelines and focused topics for 2018.

Please note this is not the finalised pipeline as we do tend to work on short lead times so that we can remain responsive to new developments and announcements within the market.

Africa; Americas; Asia; Australia; Continental Europe; Middle East; Nordic Region; Turkey; UK & Ireland




The Africa branch has been a region of expansion for us over the past few years, with sub-branches in South Africa, East Africa and West Africa now fully established, each with a pipeline of annual events and training courses.

We will be holding our three-day training course ‘Understanding International Project Finance’ in Johannesburg and Nairobi, as well as introducing new locations in both our East and West Africa branches.

Alongside these activities, the Africa branch will deliver On-Demand webinars to cover regional Market Updates in 2018.

South Africa – 6-7 events

In South Africa, we will be holding 4-5 events in Johannesburg looking at Construction Challenges during a Project’s Life Cycle, Ohada Countries, Highways PPPs and Water.

The SA FLN will be holding an additional 2-3 events throughout the year.

East Africa – 4-5 events

East Africa will see events coordinated across Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, covering Special Economic Zones, Renewable Auctions, and Affordable Housing. We will also be working with governments to provide an update on their PPP Pipelines.

West Africa – 1-2 events

The West Africa branch will hold events in Nigeria and will look to develop an inaugural session in Ghana.

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13-16 events across the region

Operating since 2009, our Asia branch holds 10-12 events across the region in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and India. The Asia briefings involve participation at government level and include representation from the multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank, IFC, JBIC and the Asian Development Bank. In 2018 we will be looking at topics including Renewables, Project Bonds and Port Development. In addition to these briefings, we will also be holding our annual charity infrastructure quiz night in Singapore.

The Singapore FLN will feature 3-4 events including a discussion looking at the Lifecycle of an Infrastructure Deal.

Japan – 3-4 events

As part of our expansion in Asia, 2017 saw the launch of a Japan sub-branch. In 2018 we will continue to grow the branch, looking at both the domestic market and outbound investment opportunities with topics including Renewables and LNG.

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With our Americas branch spanning the US, Canada and Latin America, there will be an interesting variety of locations and topics for 2018 with over 17 events taking place across the region. We will be offering training courses in Latin America as well as expanding the FLN initiative in New York.

Alongside these operations, we will be hosting a series of webinars that will focus on regional and national topics for the international audience, including regional market updates and the state of US infrastructure.

Canada – 6 events

Our Canada branch was established in 2011 with an inaugural session in Toronto. Since then, we have delivered events in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver covering a wide range of topics within the infrastructure and energy sectors. In 2018, we will see 4 events in Toronto, plus 2 in Vancouver spread throughout the year. The range of topics will look at the Canadian Infrastructure Bank and Transportation.

The United States – 7-8 events

Our US branch will include a pipeline of 6 events in New York and an expansion into other states to address the P3 needs around the country. Topics will look at Renewable Energy, Latin America, the current Tax Bill, Highway Expansion, Water, and O&M Risk. Our newly established NY FLN Committee will also deliver 2 briefings.

Latin America – 4-6 events

Since its establishment in 2012, our Latin America branch has been delivering high profile and influential briefings. For 2018 we will offer 4-6 events spread throughout Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Brazil, with an inaugural event planned for Argentina. Topics will include the rise of the 4G Programme in Colombia, Developing Municipal P3s in Peru, and the Future of the Energy Sector in Argentina.

We are expanding our Understanding International Project Finance course to be delivered in Argentina, as well as Colombia, with both international and local (Spanish speaking) trainers.

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19 events across the region

In 2018 we will be holding 12 events split between Sydney and Melbourne, plus an additional event in Brisbane. We will be looking at Renewables and exploring recent projects via case studies, as well as hosting our annual Government Updates from NSW, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand Treasuries.

The Australia FLN will provide a pipeline of 6 interactive events in Melbourne and Sydney. Following successes in other branches, the Australia pipeline will include an inaugural charity infrastructure quiz night in Sydney.

The Australia programme will also include our three-day introductory Project Finance and PPP training course in both Sydney and Melbourne. Plus, an intermediate Practical Applications course in Sydney.

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Continental Europe

Our Continental Europe branch has been delivering a pipeline of regular meetings for over 15 years. For 2018 we will deliver at least 17-21 events across our branches; the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Spain, with an additional event in France looking at Francophone Africa. We will be actively looking at other European countries as their PPP policies start to develop and grow.

In Q1 2018 we will organise a webinar to explore challenges and opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe. We will also be further developing our FLN initiative across the region, see below for more details.

Belgium – 2-3 events

In 2018 we will be holding events in both Brussels and Antwerp. Topics will include a look at Renewables, Healthcare PPPs, the Wallonia Region and PPP Schools in Flanders. We are also planning to hold an FLN briefing in Belgium.

Germany – 3-4 events

Topics for 2018 will include a discussion on the South-East Europe Gas Corridor and an update on Transport in Europe, including a look at roads in Germany.

Italy – 1-2 events

Briefings in our Italy branch will include an outward looking event with an Africa focus.

Netherlands – 4-5 events

For 2018 we will be covering an update on DBFM, Climate Change and Energy Transition, plus the Smart Protection Programme. As part of the FLN initiative we will be planning a briefing to take place in Amsterdam.

Poland – 2 events

We established our Poland branch in 2014 and have since been running 2 events annually in Warsaw. In 2018 we will be covering energy topics, such as Hydroelectric Powerplants, Sustainable Infrastructure and Restructuring of Wind Pipes.

Spain – 2 events

Spain is our newest branch within Continental Europe, launched in 2017. Our aim is to organise 2 events annually with topics for 2018 to include Urban Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities, Toll Road Concessions and Renewables.

France – 1-2 events

We plan to hold at least one event in Paris for 2018, which will provide

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Middle East

3-4 events across the region

Launched in 2008, our Middle East branch now runs a programme of 3-4 events annually. Briefings typically take place in Dubai but also in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. The first event for 2018 will look at Developing Renewables in the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA). As a new development for this branch we will be introducing our FLN initiative with an inaugural event to take place in Dubai. We will also repeat an On-Demand Market Update.

Following the successful launch of IPFA Training in Dubai, our Middle East branch will be holding a 2-day Understanding International Project Finance course in 2018.

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Nordic Region

3 events across the region

Established in 2011, our Nordic Region branch encompasses Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We are planning for 3 events to take place across the region, with a focus on Renewables, LNG, the new Finnish Roads and Bridges PPP Pipeline, Urban Infrastructure and Export Finance.

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3 events in Istanbul

We have been holding events in Turkey since 2011 with topics covering both Infrastructure and Energy and including participation from EBRD and the IFC. In 2018 our events will look at Turkish investment in Africa, Transport and PPPs in Social Infrastructure. We will also be holding a webinar to discuss Investment Opportunities in Turkey for overseas investors.

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UK & Ireland

25-28 events across the region

Our UK & Ireland branch features events in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. In 2018 we will be hosting between events across the UK, with an additional 4 in Ireland. Following the success of our training programmes we will be expanding our offering in London to include a new intermediate level course. Topical webinars will continue to be delivered, ranging from market updates, training sessions and other topics responding to market developments e.g. Brexit announcements.

London – 16-19 events

Our London events will feature a breadth of themes covering both Infrastructure and Energy; including a look at Social Housing, Secondary Market Activity, Electric Vehicles, Healthcare, Dispute Resolution and our usual updates on Renewables, Power and recent market developments such as Brexit.

Our annual charity infrastructure quiz, now in its 17th year of running, will also be taking place in May.

London’s FLN is continuing its growing momentum with 3 dedicated events, including a discussion on Certainty in the Future – Life Cycle Budgets, and a workshop on Financial Modelling.

In London we will deliver five training courses throughout the year, including our established One Day Introduction to Project Finance and our 2-3 day Understanding International Project Finance courses. A new addition for London in 2018 will be our eagerly anticipated intermediate level training course.

Regional – 1 event

This year’s regional event will be held in Birmingham, looking at the Midlands Engine.

Scotland – 2-3 events

2-3 events are expected to take place in Edinburgh and Glasgow including our annual Scottish charity infrastructure quiz.

Northern Ireland – 1 event

Our annual event will be held in Belfast.

Republic of Ireland – 4 events

In 2018, we will be holding 4 events in Dublin looking at topics such as Housing, the Effects of Brexit, and Lessons Learned for Irish PPPs. We are also planning to hold a webinar to cover a market update from this region.

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