IPFA AGM: Board Vacancies

October 16, 2017

The IPFA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking place on Monday 20 November. An item on the agenda relates to the appointment of Directors to the Board of IPFA.

There are five vacancies to join the IPFA Board as a non-executive Director for a three year term. These vacancies will suit someone in a senior, decision making role. Please note that only one person per organisation can be nominated for the Board by the main representative of each member organisation.

How to apply 
Please ensure you have read the candidate information pack. Your organisation’s main representative for the IPFA membership will need to email your nomination, along with a brief bio to Carrie Reid. Although Members can put themselves forward prior to and at the AGM we ask to receive nominations for this Board Vacancy by Tuesday 7 November so that a fair vote can take place.

Once all nominations have been received, a notice will be sent to all member representatives asking them to vote for the candidate they would like to see on the Board. The candidates with the most votes will be appointed as an IPFA Non-Executive Director for three years at the AGM in London on 20 November. You will be required to clear your application through your immediate manager and check the compliance requirements with your firms Compliance Department before submission of your application through your organisation’s IPFA representative.

Full details of the AGM can be found on our website. Please note the closing date for nominations for this vacancy is Tuesday 7 November.

For further information or if you have any queries, please contact Carrie Reid e: carrie.reid@ipfa.org or +44 (0)20 7427 0900.

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