Global Infrastructure Hub – Global Infrastructure Outlook Launch

July 25, 2017


The Global Infrastructure Hub’s new report and online tool, Global Infrastructure Outlook, forecasts infrastructure investment needs across 50 countries and 7 sectors to 2040.

Outlook forecasts:

  • Global investment needs of $94 trillion by 2040 – and $97 trillion including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for electricity and water.
  • We are on track to fall short by $15 trillion – or 16% – based on current spending. The global gap increases to $18 trillion when accounting for the SDGs.

Key findings include:

  • The greatest infrastructure needs are in Asia at $52 trillion.
  • The US has the largest forecast infrastructure investment gap of the 50 countries, at $3.8 trillion.
  • An extra $3.5 trillion is needed to meet Sustainable Development Goals for water, sanitation, and electricity.
  • The greatest infrastructure investment gap is in roads, followed closely by electricity.

A combined research project by the Global Infrastructure Hub and Oxford Economics, Outlook used seven bespoke econometric models to produce forecasts covering each of the 50 countries and 7 sectors.

These forecasts take into account past spending, countries’ specific economic and demographic characteristics, and quality of infrastructure.

Outlook can help governments across the globe identify and respond to infrastructure needs, and guide opportunities for private sector investors.

“This is an excellent report – it is the most clear, comprehensive document produced to date on this often debated topic. We now have the data we need to focus our discussions. Thank you for this!”
Matthew Jordan-Tank, Head of Infrastructure Policy and Project Preparation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

You can access the tool here or download the accompanying report.

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