Hosting an IPFA Event


Members are permitted to host events on topics of relevance to their organisation and the market which is a key profile-raising opportunity. A member of our Events Team will be assigned to the event, who will guide your organisation throughout the event hosting process.

Whilst hosting is a great opportunity to enhance an organisations name within the industry, we request that hosts keep in mind that this is an IPFA event and must appeal to all of our members, including the host’s competitors. Therefore the agenda should not appear to be ‘host-heavy’.

If you are interested in hosting an IPFA event, we ask members to follow the guidelines set out below and adhere to IPFA policy, where stated:


Host guest list

At the start of hosting discussions, we request that all hosts provide IPFA with a list of potential invitees (organisation names only) so their membership status can be assessed.  Non-members who have spoken and attended events continuously without joining will be asked to pay a delegate fee or join the association.


Members:  any employee of a member company can register to attend a briefing should their membership cover the region where the event will take place.

Non-Members: a free taster session is offered to any organisation who is not a member and has not attended an IPFA session in that region. A non-member that has attended an IPFA session previously or has declined membership must join IPFA or pay a delegate fee to attend.

Media: The hosts must confirm with the speakers if they are happy for any recognized business trade press to attend. IPFA events are held under Chatham House Rule. The host must explain this at the start of each event.

Recruitment Companies: Due to IPFA policy we do not allow recruitment companies to attend IPFA briefings.


We ask the host to provide a proposed agenda, including potential speaker / organisation names. It should feature a balanced perspective from a cross-section of industry representatives and not be ‘host-heavy’. This proposed agenda is then sent to the relevant branch council for their feedback and suggestions. The proposed agenda must not be confirmed until after it has been approved by the council. Ideally, we aim for speakers to be confirmed at least one month prior to the briefing.

Recommended format

We encourage panel discussions, moderated by the host, rather than having a series of PowerPoint presentations as we find they are more interactive and encourage audience engagement.

Inviting speakers

Speaker invitations can either be sent via IPFA or the hosting organisation. Please note that we will require a record of contact email addresses so that speakers can be contacted regarding any logistical requirements and thanked on behalf of the association.

Marketing the event

As a host, your organisation will appear on all marketing materials related to the event. With regards to milestones, once the event has been confirmed, the event will be listed on our event listings page and a Save the Date invitation will be issued, ideally two months before the event date. A full invite will be sent to our contacts as soon as the agenda is finalised, one month before the event. A Final Reminder invite is sent a week prior to the event.

We will require your organisation’s logo in a Hi Res Jpeg format in order for it to be featured on the agenda and event invitations.

Social media

Please feel free to publicise the event on Twitter/LinkedIn.  If tweeting about the event, please ensure that you tag @IPFA_ or @Ipfa_LatAm and include the (shortened) event link.


IPFA will manage all registrations centrally through the IPFA online booking system.

Should the host wish to issue their own invites, they will need to include the link to the online booking form which takes them directly to the registration page.


Although, IPFA does not charge members to host events, the member organisation will bear the cost of the event. This includes, the venue (if unable to host in their offices) and catering expenses.


As mentioned above, the host will need to provide a venue with sufficient capacity and offer drinks and refreshments before (at registration) and after the event (networking drinks). It would be useful to have one or two assistants from the host’s side to help out with registration and ushering attendees to their seats.

The host will also be required to print the following items for each of the attendees:

    • A copy of the agenda
    • The delegate list
    • Name badges
    • IPFA Marketing Flyer (1-2 pages)

CPD accreditation

IPFA is now a member of the CPD Certification Service, this enables attendees at events to claim CPD (Continuing Professional and Personal Development) points on IPFA CPD accredited events they have attended.  For an event to be certified we must submit the agenda and a brief description or bullets points of the topics that will be discussed in the keynote address and panel discussion.  Therefore, we ask wherever possible that this is finalised at least 3-4 weeks before the event to allow enough time for assessment.

Post event write up

We ask that the host draft a summary of the event and what was discussed on the day so that the event can be publicised to our members afterwards. This can be just a paragraph on the main topics covered as a sort of snapshot. Please ensure to send this to us after the event along with the Actual Attendee List.

Should you wish to discuss IPFA hosting opportunities globally or have any queries regarding the process of hosting an event, please contact Daisy Brooker e: