Webinar: Public Private Partnership (PPP) Prospects, Pipelines, Opportunities & Challenges in East Africa

April 12, 2017

Webinar recording from 10 April 2017

East African Governments have been looking towards public private partnerships to radically improve infrastructure networks in their countries and enhance service delivery to their people against a backdrop of mounting debt ceilings, gaping infrastructure funding gaps and fiscal deficits. This has led to the role out of enabling PPP legislation and the emergence of bankable PPP pipelines and developments in the East African region.

What does East Africa’s PPP Agenda look like? What progress has been made towards the achieving the development of 21st century infrastructure development through PPPs? What opportunities exist in the East African PPP market and how best can these opportunities be optimized?
Join us in the IPFA Webinar hosted by the East African Branch Council to get a market update on PPP development in the East African region and discuss the PPP prospects, opportunities and challenges in East Africa.

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