Webinar: Project Finance: Prospects, Opportunities & Challenges in the Middle East

November 28, 2017

Webinar recording from 13 September 2017

Budget shortfalls, fiscal deficits and sovereign bond issuances are at an all-time high across MENA, and the use of project finance and PPP procurement is firmly back on the agenda as a means to mobilise private sector capital to fund the region’s planned infrastructure programmes. Many governments are now rolling out PPP enabling legislation and we are seeing the emergence of the first wave of tenders for PPP procurements. Is now the time that project finance will be deployed in a material way outside the power and utilities sector? If so, in which sectors and geographies? And where will the funding come from?

Join us for the first IPFA Webinar hosted by the Middle East Branch Council to discuss the prospects, opportunities and challenges in the project finance markets around the GCC and North Africa.

Moderated by:

Nathan Weatherstone, Advisor to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) & Chair of the Middle East Branch Council


Shaun Johnson, General Counsel – PPP Unit, ACWA Holding

Jason Peers, Chief Investment Officer, Dutco Energy

Tom Waterhouse, Head of Corporate & Project Finance, SMBC

Sikander Zaman, Head of Specialised Finance & Executive Vice President, National Commercial Bank (NCB)

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