Webinar: Converting a Project Finance Bid Model to an Operational Model

July 22, 2016

Webinar recording from 20 July 2016

Bid models are developed for a very specific purpose – to get a deal done. Once Financial Close has been reached, often these models are passed on to another department where someone is asked to use it for reporting of financial performance, debt covenants and equity returns. Very commonly, these models ends up being hacked and hard-coded to the point where all stakeholders lose their confidence in its ability to accurately project financial outcomes, assess refinancing opportunities or handle scenario and sensitivity analysis. In more developed markets, with the UK standing out as the strongest performer, a structured conversion of a bid model to an operational model for reporting purposes is an accepted market practice and is completed in the majority of projects. However, in other markets this still remains the exception which is creating a lot of frustration for people who are tasked with running these models to support decision analysis based on financial projections.

In this webinar participants will better understand the options available when developing an operational model from a bid model. The presentation will focus on the major challenges including how to best capture historical financial information without over-riding calculations, the importance of structured reconciliation for approvals by governments and financiers and how to determine the required functionality in various steps of the lifecycle of a model.

This webinar is targeting project finance professionals who want to learn more about the process, requirements and challenges of converting a bid model to an operational model, as well as financial modellers looking to develop their technical understanding of how this process can be completed successfully

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