Webinar: Benchmarking the Private Infrastructure Equity Market: How and Why?

November 28, 2017

Webinar recording from 22 November 2017

Three years ago, a team of researchers at EDHEC business school endeavoured to create a reference index of the financial performance of private infrastructure investments. It took that long to collect millions of data points about hundreds of private infrastructure firms and SPVs, design asset pricing models that could handle this data and produce the risk-adjusted performance metrics that large institutional investors and prudential regulators have been lacking to better understand the role of the infrastructure ‘asset class’. This webinar will present the approach taken to collect data and to build a representative market index, to produce quasi-market valuation that are not plagued by the usual ’stake price’ issues found in private equity, and to build indices that can be used for asset allocation, performance monitoring and risk model calibration.


– Chair: Sarah Tame, Associate Director, EDHECinfra

– Majid Hasan, Head of Asset Pricing, EDHECinfra

– Eugene Zhuchenko, Executive Director, Long-term Infrastructure Investors Association

– Laurence Monnier, Head of Strategy and Research, Alternative Income, Aviva Investors

– Tom Sumpster, Head of Infrastructure, Legal & General Investment Management

– Mike Weston, CEO, Pensions Infrasructure Platform Ltd.

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