Troubled PPPs in the US: Be Part of the Solution

July 29, 2015

At a time when US infrastructure spending is grossly inadequate and politically fraught, the allure of the public – private partnership (PPP) should be obvious. But something about the US business and financing environment for large infrastructure projects has made PPPs a difficult proposition. While there have been notable successes, at least as many have run into trouble, and some have collapsed entirely, leaving taxpayers, engineering groups, municipalities and others wary of trying again. Control Risks, the global political, integrity and security risk consultancy, is conducting an extensive evaluation of why PPPs often fall shore in the USA. We feel part of the problem is the assumption – wrong, in our opinion – that launching complex long-term projects in a country like the US should be less fraught than doing so in the emerging markets, where we have decades of experience shepherding such endeavors to a successful conclusion.

We would like to hear from those who have experiencing designing, managing or financing such projects in the US. Please contact to take part in this important survey.

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