IPFA Webinar: Global Transportation Sector Update: Take-off for Airport Rail Links

November 28, 2017

Webinar recording from 19 October 2017

The world is more connected than ever by digital means, but this has only increased demand for physical transport services as businesses interact with suppliers and clients across countries and continents. At SNC-Lavalin Transport Advisory, we would like to share our analysis on how transactions in the transport space have developed in recent years, and where we can expect the market movements.

We will then continue to focus on a specific growth area: airport-rail links. Depending on how a country’s aviation and rail industries are structured, these multimodal interchanges benefit an array of stakeholders, including travellers, operators, airport owners and investors and financiers. Balancing risk and return between these parties, as well as regulators and governments, presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Join us in the discussion how to address this challenging environment and realise these projects.

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